Achieve Desired Technical Shotcrete Performance

Silica fume is often used to improve the performance of shotcrete mixtures.

TYTRO® RC, a pozzolanic-based rheology control agent, however, only requires one-tenth of the silica fume dosage rate to provide equivalent performance. It's a more economical and sustainable solution. For example, 3 kg/m3 [5 lb/yd3] of TYTRO® RC 430 is needed to replace 30 kg/m3 [50 lb/yd3] of silica fume in shotcrete mixtures.

That's 1/10 the dosage!​

TYTRO® RC products provide…

  • Superior dosage efficiency
  • Superior bond to rock substrate
  • Faster strength development.
  • Enhanced sprayability and pumpability characteristics
  • Minimum rebound and dust in tunnels and underground mining shotcrete applications​​

More performance benefits of the TYTRO® Shotcrete System

TYTRO® SA set accelerators offer several performance advantages:

  • Achieve efficient dosage rate, with highly active formulation for low dosages
  • Improve early strength, without compromising later age strength
  • Accrue minimum material wasted with lower rebound and dust
  • TYTRO SA is also robust and easy to dispense, as a liquid product that's easily measured and dosed

STRUX® BT50 macro-synthetic fibres are high performing proprietary engineered copolymer fibres used as a replacement for steel fibres and wire mesh reinforcement in underground shotcrete construction.

STRUX® is added to shotcrete to provide toughness, impact and fatigue properties, outperforming competing macro-synthetic fibres, steel fibres and steel mesh alternatives.

TYTRO® RM rheology modifying and mix-enhancing admixtures are formulated to improve the pumpability and sprayability of the shotcrete mix.

TYTRO® WR high-range water-reducing admixtures—superplasticisers—for shotcrete provide superior flow, prolonged pot life, excellent plasticity, and maximise strength performance by allowing lower water-to-cementitious materials ratio (w/cm).

TYTRO® AE air entraining admixtures enhance shotcrete mixes to protect against damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

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