BETEC™ grouts and cementitious mortars

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BETECTM products are grouts and cementitious mortars for underfilling and connecting various structural elements within buildings and infrastructure. BETECTM products are renowned for their stable application, ease of installation, high flowability, long open times, fast early strength development and long-term durability. The overall high performance of these materials is supported by an experienced  technical and field services team. BETECTM products perform all the time, every time under a wide range of conditions and applications.


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BETEC™ Flex S150
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Product Data Sheet
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BETEC® M-5 is a special blend of cement, quartz sand and active chemicals in powder form for the protection of concrete against water penetration.

Key Benefits
  • Long-term waterproofing
  • Fully integrated with the concrete
  • Reduces shrinkage and hairline cracks
Application Type
  • Floor, basement wall and slab
  • Swimming pool, water feature
  • Parking deck
BETEC™ Flex S150

Betec Flex S150 is a flexible, two-part, polymer-modified cementitious waterproofing system. The two components of Betec Flex S150 are mixed together with a slow speed drill and paddle to form a smooth slurry. The slurry is applied
by trowel or brush, in two coats, to form a hard but flexible waterproof cementitious coating. 

Key Benefits
  • Flexible - bridge hair line cracks
  • Good adhesion to concrete, masonry, ceramics, and most common substrates and does not attack metal
  • Non-toxic
Application Type
  • Non-chlorinated Swimming Pool (unless the membrane is protected by chlorine-resistant protection screed as well as chlorine-resistant tiles adhesive)
  • Bathroom, balcony, wet area and planter box
  • Non-chlorinated water-retaining structure

BETEC®  Seal SC Liquid used with Betec® Seal SC Powder reacts with concrete by process to form a two-part, permanent, slightly flexible, BETEC® Seal SC waterproofing system.

Key Benefits
  • Resists both positive and negative water pressure
  • Easy application, fast mixing by paddles
  • Low water absorption and good water resistance
  • Good adhesion to correctly prepared concrete, masonry and rendered substrates
Application Type

Contractor-friendly application for critical infrastructure solutions

With an extremely broad portfolio at hand, BETECTM users will find a number of products and solutions that encompass every application they might encounter. These include grouts for all application heights, as well as a year-round grouting portfolio. BETECTM products have been adapted to allow contractors to continue working even at cold temperatures. For some of the more specialised BETECTM applications, this performance adaptation is critical.

BETECTM serves the most demanding applications

BETECTM solutions are commonly used for assembling and joining prefabricated structures, for underfilling structural elements such as bridge bearings and block-out connections on beams and columns, and for machine foundations. Machine foundations in particular are where the durability and versatility of BETECTM products begin to shine through.

As an example, BETECTM is commonly used in wind turbine foundations, which are often situated in areas where low temperatures, speed of application and remoteness are factors in construction. Similar conditions are often found in the turbine rooms of hydroelectric dams. Apart from renewable energy, mass rapid transit is also a strong BETECTM application field. There, BETECTM products can be used in rail beds, station boxes and in the foundations for transformation stations. For these applications, BETEC's durability is paramount, but the product also incorporates innovations that make life easier for contractors.

On time, on budget, easy to use

Massive infrastructure projects operate under extreme pressure to conform to the structures of time and budget. For these projects, BETECTM ensures that these goals are met. The major benefit that BETECTM delivers are extremely stable flow and application times. This frees producers from the necessity of adapting water ratios during application. In other words, once the machinery is set correctly, BETECTM will maintain its characteristics until production is complete. Unlike other brands, there is no variation in performance. These contractor-friendly innovations have led to worldwide BETECTM usage. BETECTM is CE marked for use throughout the European Union where applicable, and conforms to the national guidelines for both France and Germany.

Backed by outstanding support, anywhere you need it

We have built our reputation on more than simply, high-quality products and high performing solutions. Our products are trusted globally because of our commitment to providing technical solutions and field support. No matter where you are or what you're building, we can help find a product that will suit your needs.