STRUX® synthetic macro fibres

High strength post-crack protection.

Welded wire mesh has long been used to reinforce slab-on-ground concrete, bridge decks and thin-walled precast applications for temperature and shrinkage crack control. Although mesh provides adequate performance, it adds many downsides. The mesh takes time to transport, instal and correctly chair.

STRUX® products, such as STRUX® 90/40 synthetic macro fibres, improves impact resistance, durability and long-term crack control properties of concrete by equally distributing structural fibres throughout the entire concrete matrix. There's no risk from corrosion and none of the risk or job site obstruction inherent with the use of welded wire or mild steel reinforcement.  STRUX® eliminates time and labour versus installing welded wire mesh (WWM). It eliminate the need to lift, carry, hoist, position, cut and tie awkward, heavy sheets or rolls of welded wire fabric (WWF) and thus helps to reduce construction time and labour cost for an estimated cost savings between 20-30%. Examples of applications where STRUX® can be used are slab on ground, precast element, elevated deck and tunnel liners  to replace non-structural steel.


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STRUX® 90/40
Product Data Sheet

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STRUX® 90/40

STRUX® 90/40 is a unique, high strength, high modulus, synthetic macro fibre reinforcement that is added to ready mixed and precast concrete at the batching stage.

Key Benefits
  • Controls drying shrinkage cracking
  • Alternative to steel mesh reinforcement and steel fibre reinforcement.
  • Improves residual flexural strength, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete
Application Type
  • Ground bearing floor slabs
  • Ground bearing external pavements
  • Marine concrete applications
  • Precast concrete

Shave off time from construction projects

In today's market, schedule is everything. Transporting, placing and chairing welded wire mesh adds time to any project. STRUX® eliminates all that time—and its material characteristics make it as strong, if not stronger, than the alternative.

Add toughness to concrete with less material

STRUX® fibres add toughness, impact and fatigue resistance to concrete. As opposed to microfibre reinforcement, STRUX® macro fibres add post-crack control performance. STRUX® allows users to save on material by decreasing thickness of slab on grade or overlays. For designers, this increases the range of possible forms. For contractors, this means less material overall may be needed. STRUX® reduces the time required for the critical path resulting in faster construction times and earlier delivery of the building for the contractor.

Get technical advice backed by experience

Our products don't exist in a vacuum. They're supported by our world-class technical experts, and STRUX® is no exception. Our experts will assist your organisation in developing the perfect mix design to incorporate STRUX®. Our SDS Software can also calculate the necessary addition rate using the compressive strength of concrete, modulus of sub-grade reaction, thickness of concrete and applied loads. For more information about STRUX® and how you can incorporate it into your product or design, contact GCP today.